Pat and Veronica Ridge are two Agoura Hills natives that gained the attention of thousands on TikTok for their unapologetic content during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. What started as a way for the couple to pass the time during quarantine quickly transformed into a counter-influencer culture movement, challenging how people present their lives online. Their transparency online on taboo topics such as alcoholism, open relationships, and sex work often sparks debate and controversy. Rather than shying away from uncomfortable conversations, they lean in – unashamed of who they are, their pasts, and their choices. But who really are the people behind the one-minute videos?

PATRICK RIDGE: Patrick was a "hope to die" alcoholic that got sober when he was 21 years old. Music and videography are the foundation of his existence. In even of his darkest times –battling addiction, his parents' divorce, the untimely deaths of many of his peers at the hands of substance abuse– being creative gave him a sense of purpose. Vocation. He originally gained celebrity when he was signed with Universal Mo Town’s Hip Hop group Hyper Crush. Now, he owns Ridge Production, a production company that has collaborated with high profile clientele such as Bella Thorne, Complex Con, and Tyler Posey. His loved ones describe him as always glued to his phone – his creative brain always in search of content – to the dismay of his wife Veronica and people on the internet who question his intentions. However, don't be fooled by his colored hair and tattoos, or his sharp tongue. He is caring, sensitive at times, and overwhelmingly passionate. 

VERONICA RIDGE: Fun-loving Veronica is a fitness enthusiast and hair stylist whose health journey has inspired her followers. Her objective of doing hair and posting on social media are the same: for people to leave feeling more confident than when they first walked in. She is a “normie”, or someone who is able to indulge in drugs or alcohol recreationally without any addictive or obsessive tendencies. She is regarded as the “chill” partner in her relationship, because of her carefree nature and use of psychedelic drugs. Growing up in a strict household, she is using this chapter of her life to experiment and live life under her terms. Despite not being sober, she and Patrick have found a way to co-exist. This does not mean that their difference in lifestyles is perfect and that it doesn't occasionally cause conflict. Don't worry. The only person who is able to hold her own, stand up for what they believe in, and tell it how it is more than Pat is Veronica.